Marilyn Hill


Artist Statement

THE STORIES — A Planet in upheaval

“The Red Plume” - Chinese Coal Manufacturing Causes Drought in California!

“Synbio GMO2” - Scientists Create New Forms of Life...Already in Food!

“Pacific Trash Vortex” - Albatross Unknowingly Feeds Plastic Debris to Chick!

I create artwork about life, death, survival and regeneration on earth. In the practice of making art, I search for a way to acknowledge and make right within myself, the storms, drought, pollution, human disturbance and frailty. Bits of intelligence become food for my imagination, are digested as ideas, and addressed in my artwork. While I am working, I look for visual approaches and solutions to self-entertaining sound bites of my own:

What kind of voice does the mountain have? How soon will robots become our neighbors? Are supernaturals discussing our future? How does it feel to be a genetically modified fish sharing life with a banana? How about the food chain? Fish eats plastic. We eat fish. What do we leave behind?



I like to hold conversation with a painting and allow it to tell me what is called for.

How much or how little does this painting need to say and to whom? Does this shape need to occupy this space as an invader, a participant or a particle? What comes forward? Where is the connection. What kind of voice does a particular mark have? What is the quality of shape, line or space — fragile, robust...? What is the time lapse. Can this painting be black and white or does it ask for color? —How about a cartouche in the corner to protect the viewer from the subject matter?

I think a good painting needs a certain amount of ambiguity. A land of questions is an interesting place to be in.