Marilyn Hill



Marilyn Hill was born in Palo Alto California, grew up in Menlo Park and decided to be an artist at age13. She graduated in sculpture from U.C. Santa Barbara [B.A]. and U.C. Berkeley [M.A.], having worked primarily with Jim Melchert and Robert Hudson. As a student she built large installation pieces, often site specific, and tiny funky little sculptures. Hill was an Invitational artist at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Stanford Museum of Modern Art and the Berkeley Art Gallery in San Francisco. Her work was reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle, Palo Alto Times and ArtWeek Magazine, before she began pursuing a career as a creative design professional. She provided illustration, animation, graphic, and information design to large and small businesses, adding 2 more A.S. Degrees in Multimedia at the height of the dot-com era. Using watercolor as a commercial illustrator, she turned to it again as a fine artist, because of her attachment to the transparent bond between paint and paper. She began showing her paintings in 2009, receiving the Gold Award in 2013 and Canson Award in 2011 from the California Watercolor Association, and the Showcase Award from the Richmond Art Center in 2011. She has exhibited her paintings nationally at the Springfield Art Museum, Springfield MO, the Foothills Art Center, Golden CO, and will have a painting in the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown OH, summer of 2015.

Currently, Hill also creates small intimate installations that can accompany her paintings, augmenting her ideas about life on earth. Or, the tiny accessories can also stand alone. She collaborates with her son, Nathan Bennett, to create electronic effects for her small artworks and with Miguel Rangel, on larger outdoor pieces.